she / her⠀ger⠀'01⠀libra⠀intj-a⠀Ⓥ

last updated 16 mar 2022


  • kindness

  • hugs

  • dimples

  • nature, animals

  • art, art history

  • music, kpop, kdramas

  • dancing

  • the universe

  • video games

  • mcyt (old + new)

  • harry potter, star trek

  • football (soccer)

  • formula 1

  • being with me, my peace and quiet only

  • you


  • small talk

  • nature / animal cruelties

  • the rain

  • the ocean, sharks

  • ignorant, artificial, disrespectful people

  • people who don't think before they speak

  • just people in general

  • racism, homophobes, etc. - basically the basic dni criteria

anything related to / surrounding

  • mental health

  • anxiety, depression, etc.

  • food / eating

  • bodies / body image

  • eating disorders, body image disorders, etc.

  • self harm

  • cancer

  • death, suicide

pure mentions of these topics do not bother me, but especially deeper stories or thoughts as well as their portrayal in film or literature often do !

please only talk to me about these topics if we're mutuals / friends / close
> to you : if you ever need someone to listen or to try and help you out concerning any of these topics, please don't hesitate to ask me ! i'll always have an open ear and open heart for you !
i have the tendency to read past trigger warnings, so if we're talking privately, please ask me first if i'm ok with the topic before you tell me the whole story :)